Author: Paul Bray

Albany. The three cities by Paul Bray

Published in The Journal of the Scientific Society Ludovico Quaroni, Vol. 5, No. 8 (2016). An overview of the history of the City of Albany, New York first [...]

New York’s Broken Constitution: The Governance Crisis and the Path to Renewed Greatness

New York's Broken Constitution, Edited by Peter J. Galie, Christopher Bopst and Gerald Benjamin, published by State University of New York Press, Albany, [...]

Nature Policies and Landscape Policies: Towards An Alliance, Eds. Roberto Gambino & Attilia Peano

Part 1, Chapter 5. "From Park-Centric Conservation to Whole-Landscape Conservation in the USA by Paul M. Bray (Springer International Publishing, Switzerland [...]

“The Adirondack Park as a Park: Envisioning the Park’s Second Century”, 1992

THE ADIRONDACK PARK AS A PARK: ENVISIONING THE PARK'S SECOND CENTURY By Paul M. Bray "What they call the Adirondack Park, you understand, is no small [...]

“Italian and American Park and Protected Area Twinning”, unpublished, (2000)

December 2000 Italian and American Park and Protected Area Twinning by Paul M. Bray Beginning in 1997, still evolving and diverse transcultural [...]

“Possibility of Parks Unbounded”, Environment, May 1988

May 1998 Possibility of Parks Unbounded by Paul M. Bray The long, uneven and continuing experiment in the social invention of parks to preserve [...]

“The Heritage Area Phenomenon” CRM, Vol 17 No. 8 , 1994

The Heritage Area Phenomenon Where it is Coming From Heritage areas (a.k.a. urban cultural parks, heritage parks and corridors, and partnership parks) [...]

The Riverspark Story: Partnerships Making a Real Place into a Living Park

June 9, 1995 The Riverspark Story: Partnerships Making a Real Place into a Living Park by Paul M. Bray Riverspark, a locally created and state [...]

“The Abruzzo and the Adirondack: Parks in the New and Old World”, Sanctuary, Vol. 38, No. 1 (1998)

June 1998 Parks in the new and old world by Paul M. Bray "Mission impossible" declared Franco Tassi at the conclusion of a presentation on leading [...]

“The New Urbanism: Celebrating the City”, Places, Vol. 8, No. 4, (1993)

Healthy cities have an ego, a sense and pride of place, and an awareness of where they came from and where they are going. Unfortunately, it is increasingly [...]